Protest Unit

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The Springbok Tour

Apartheid and International protests

"1981 - A country at war" documentary

The documentary we showed in class is impossible to find online. If you were absent for the screening OR have misplaced your notes you need to print off the task sheet and get the answers from a classmate. If you ask really nicely your teacher might be able to make you a copy. You will need to bring a blank DVD labelled with your name to them.....

The protest groups and their leaders

external image H_NZH1981PROTESTS21A.jpg

Many of the protest actions against the Springbok Tour were organised by Halt All Racist Tours (HART). The group was led by John Minto (see the picture). The sheet below has information on the groups that may be useful for 1.6

An excellent resource for the events of the tour!

Link to the NZ History Website with a lot of information on the tour (click on the picture)

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Impacts of the tour: A nation divided

Opinion around New Zealand on the 1981 Springbok tour
Opinion around New Zealand on the 1981 Springbok tour

Impacts of the tour

This is the handout which includes the number of protesters, arrests, the cost of the tour etc

Impacts: The 1981 Springbok Tour and Race Relations in New Zealand


Quotes from the tour

Link to the New Zealand Listener article on the 30th Anniversary of the 1981 Tour

The article contains some very detailed information on the events of the tour (particularly useful for the first question in the New Zealand event standard!

For those who are interested...this link will take you to a documentary called 'Patu!' which looks at the protest movement. It features interviews from the time.

Link to the TV Movie - 'Rage'.

Nuclear Free New Zealand

Activity for the Nuclear Free New Zealand Powerpoint

Bastion Point

The Waitangi Tribunal's website on Bastion Point.

This has a useful timeline (among other things).

Ngati Whatua Today: Business interests

The documentary closes with the Waitangi Tribunal finding in favour of Ngati Whatua. Bastion Point is returned and $3,000,000 in compensation is paid out.
The link below will take you to current Ngati Whatua business holdings. These can be regarded as one of the long-term impacts of the occupation and the Waitangi Tribunal Settlement.