Senior History

Don't forget to check eLync - there are a lot of revision resources on there!

Ms Wilson has an excellent Wikispace with some great revision games. You can find it here:

Year 12 History

The Cuban Missile Crisis - Fling the Teacher!

Battle of Dien Bien Phu - Fling the teacher. There are a lot of questions - worth playing at least twice...

Not a game - a detailed summary of the life of Ho Chi Minh

Fling the Teacher - Ho Chi Minh

How to revise the details of the essay.

Study Blue is a website that allows you to create online revision cards you can download to your phone and share with other students.

TOP TIP - the key to success is describing Cause and Effect. make sure the revision resources you create allow you to do that...

For example:

Living in Indochina during a period in which the Vietnamese were exploited by the French --> Nationalist desire --> EXPRESSED by becoming a message runner/translating peasant concerns.

Vietnamese nationalism