Essential Downloads

You will need Audacity so you can record your Podcast;

The link to Audacity

Free Recording Application

You will need to EXPORT the final assignment as an MP3 sound file. To do this you need to Download the LAME converter. Once you have downloaded LAME (it only takes a few minutes) you need to follow these steps:

The steps to Download and install LAME can be found here.


A Powerpoint showing you the basics of recording and saving audio files.

How to save your assignment

A link to the Audacity Wikispace (which has a rather useful 'Help' section)


Free Sound Effects!

The Partners in Rhyme website has an incredible range of sound effects. You cannot download them for free. However, if you play the sound effect through your computer speakers you can record it the same way you would record a voice. The sound quality should be good enough to use...

Partners in Rhyme

The PACDV site allows you to download sound effects as an MP3 file. Follow these steps to play and save a file:

  1. Open the website using the link below.
  2. Find a sound effect you would like to use.
  3. Press the 'Play' button
  4. A bar should appear (like a download bar) which shows the track being played.
  5. Right click on the bar.
  6. Use the drop down menu to select 'Save As'.
  7. Save it as a WAV file (this should be the default)
  8. Save it into a folder you can easily find (or USB if you are at school)
  9. When you want to use the sound effect open the folder and simply drag it into Audacity - easy!

For you visual learners - YouTube tutorials on Audacity...

Potter Percy Jackson Ellie Linton Max (Where the Wild things are) Curious George

If you want to import a track from your iTunes library...

Convert files to WAV or AIFF in iTunes, using the following instructions. These instructions are for iTunes 9 or later. If you have iTunes 7, the import setting is changed on the small "Importing" tab inside the "Advanced" tab of Preferences. If you have iTunes 7 or 8, the WAV or AIFF is created by right-click or control-click over the file to be converted.
  1. Click Edit > Preferences (or iTunes > Preferences on Mac)
  2. Click on the leftmost "General" tab
  3. Click the "Import Settings" button half way down on the right
  4. In the "Import Using" dropdown, choose "WAV Encoder" or "AIFF Encoder"
  5. Click OK and OK
  6. Select the file to be converted then click Advanced > Create WAV version or Create AIFF version
  7. Right-click or control-click over the converted file, click "Get Info", and check the location of the file at "Where"
  8. Drag the song into Audacity.