Author’s Last Name, Author’s First Initial or Initials. Title of the book, The city it was published in (Year it was published).

Example: Rowling, J.K. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, London (2003)

Websites (including You Tube and Wikipedia)

http://www (Date you visited the site)

Example: (27/3/2011)

Documentaries or television programmes

Information on Topic found in Title of programme (Channel and date of broadcast OR ‘Programme shown in class’)

Example: Information on Pompeii found in Pompeii: The Last Day (Programme shown in class)

PhysicaL copies of Encyclopaedias (including Encarta on CD Rom)

Name of the Encyclopaedia, Topic, (Year the encyclopaedia was published)

Example: Encarta, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2005).

Newspapers (actual newspaper – for online newspapers use the website referencing)

Name of the Newspaper, Headline of the story, page number, (Date)

Example: The New Zealand Herald, Harry Potter Sales are Publishing Magic, (31/3/1999)

Photographs used on your website assignment (2.2)

Photograph of (Caption) taken from (website/date)

Example: Photograph of Vietnam protests outside of Parliment taken from (21/6/2011)

Photographs, notes or interview material created by the student

Photograph of _ taken by Student Name at location on DATE.

Example: Photograph of Monte Cassino gun taken by Harry Potter at the Auckland Museum on 17/3/2011.

Notes on _ written by Student Name at location on DATE.

Example: Notes on Monte Cassino written by Harry Potter at the Auckland Museum exhibition on 17/3/2011

Interview with Subject’s name conducted by Student Name DATE.

Example: Interview with Mr Halligan conducted by Harry Potter (17/3/2011)

Records of Parliamentary debates (from the Auckland Research Centre)

Hansard, (Date).

Example: Hansard, (21/2/1941)

Referencing and Bibliography guidelines for assignments

For History Research Portfolios (1.1 and 2.1)
  • Write the reference at the top of each page in the folder.
  • The Bibliography needs to be handed in with the folder. Write it in sections under headings (all books you have used should be recorded together, then a heading for all websites, then a heading for all encyclopaedias (including Wikipedia) etc, then all Videos etc.
  • If you have used a source which is not listed here then CONGRATULATIONS! - now see Mr Halligan for advice.

For 2.2 Websites

  • Write footnotes or endnotes for any statistics or direct quotes.
  • You SHOULD be using footnotes or endnotes (if you are not then your evidence is pretty poor - go and find some!)
  • For footnotes in Wix or Weebly just put a number in brackets at the end of the sentence. The footnote referencing should be the same as the referencing in a bibliography. See this page for an example:
  • Include a bibliography which lists the main sources of information (even if you have not used statistics or direct quotes from them)
  • Caption all photographs. A caption is just a short description of the content of the photograph. You need to use the caption when you write your bibliography (see section on 2.2 photographs above)