Resources for Year Ten Social Studies classes

New Places, New Spaces Assignment

This is due Friday, Week 11. The final time for submission is 3:10pm


Useful website for statistics:

Human Rights

See the Human Rights page in the Wikispace!

Nazi Germany (Year Ten)

For a more detailed description of the rise of the Nazis visit the Nazi Germany page in this Wikispace. The resources on this page are intended to be used by Senior Students so some of the language and ideas are NOT covered in the Year Ten programme.

Nazi Ideas. Visit the link to complete the homework exercise

Nazi ideas

Write your answers in your book or fill out the form and print it off...

Why World War One Changed Everything

The Treaty of Versailles

Hitler and the Great Depression

Nazi Propaganda

Click to Download the PowerPoint

The Holocaust

The Final Solution Powerpoint

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New Places, New Spaces


Medieval Life before the Black Plague - Research Assignment

Download this PowerPoint. Use it as the template for own work. You need to include the same topics but can redesign the PowerPoint as you want...

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